Bright Star Awards

Bright Star Awards 2017

Previously known as Sly's Awards; the Bright Star Awards is an urban music award. It is the brainchild and concept of Sly of Colourful Radio. Each year we are trying to improve engagement so that UK and international artists and the music that we love can get more recognition.



This year the Bright Star Awards presentation will be taking place as a live presentation / show from the Colourful Radio studios in London. Winners will receive an engraved Bright Star Award. In addition the plan is for a worldwide live video stream of the event and simultaneous Outside Broadcast (OB) on Colourful Radio across DAB, web, mobile and all digital platforms of the event and artists receiving their awards.


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Bright Star Awards 2017

Sunday 28th January 2018 - 3pm to 8pm

Colourful Radio The Africa Centre (The Hub) Arch 28 Old Union Yard Arches 229 Union Street London SE1 0LR



Founder and C.E.O.

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Floriane McBain

Assistant / Co-Host

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Voting has now closed

Voting has now closed for the Bright Star Awards 2017 campaign. Tune into Colourful Radio on Sunday 28th January 2018 from 4pm to 7pm. The winners will be awarded their Trophies at the Bright Star Awards Grand Finale event to be broadcast and streamed live.


  • London, United Kingdom